Global Ceramics Repair - Restoration and Conservation

Global Ceramics Repair has been established in the ceramics repair industry for many years and specialises in the repair, restoration and conservation of all types of ceramic including porcelain, china, plaster, clay, earthenware, stoneware and other related pottery materials.

Our restoration team repair damages to most types of ceramic such as jugs, bowls, vases, figures and figurines etc. to exacting high standards. Our restorers meticulously match colours and glazes to original specifications and are adept at reconstructing missing parts and areas such as chips, and even limbs in the case of damaged figurines.

For home and utilitarian wares such as kitchen cups, plates and saucers there is a low cost quality repair service. Itís often a lot easier to repair a plate than try to find a replacement.

The restorers encompass repair services to museums around the world, private collectors, ceramics dealers and insurance projects.

Ceramic Repair Work:
Royal Doulton Figurine Repair
Royal Worcester China Repair
China Doll Repair
French Clock Repair
Lladro Repair
Beswick Horse Repair
Wedgwood Pottery Repair
Capo-di-Monte Repair
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Ceramic Repair Services
Repair service for all types of pottery including ceramic, china, earthenware, porcelain, terracotta etc.
Individual repair undertaken as well as museum and insurance work
Depending on restorer, packaging supplied for safe and easy transit