Lladro Figurine Repair

Lladro is a Spanish company established in 1953 by three brothers - José, Juan and Vicente Lladró in the village of Almácera (near Valencia). Manufacturing initially concentrated on utilitarian items such as vases and jugs but by 1956 production turned to the manufacture of hand crafted and painted porcelain figures and figurines.

In 1958 Lladro moved to larger premises in Tavernes Blanques. We have undertaken countless successful repairs of Lladro figures and figurines.

Lladro Figurine Repair

This Lladro ornament had sustained damage to the back of the chair, the damage consisting of two straight forward breaks and minor fragmentation. Our restoration team reassembled the rear of the chair and infilled the fragmentation then replicated the colours and glazes to complete the repair.

Lladro Figurine BEFORE
Lladro Figurine BEFORE
Lladro Figurine AFTER
Lladro Figurine AFTER

Lladro Clown Figure Repair

This Lladro clown figurine had suffered a straightforward break to the neck and also had a missing finger to the right hand. The restorers realigned the head to its original position and reconstructed the finger. Once this was completed they began the process of glaze and colour match.

Lladro Clown BEFORE

Lladro Clown AFTER

Other Lladro Repairs

‘New Friend’ – pattern number 6211, Gres figurine - pattern number: 2385, ‘Embroidere’r – pattern number: 4865, Lady golfer – pattern number: 4851, ‘Sunday in the Park’ – pattern number 5365, ‘Caressing the Little Calf’ – pattern number: 4827, ‘Anniversary Dance’ – pattern number: 1372, ‘Veterinery’ – pattern number: 4825.

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