Global Ceramics Repair Terms & Conditions

Global Ceramics Repair

Global Ceramics Repair is owned and operated by Set for the Net Ltd and Just Say Net Ltd. All repair work commisioned via this site is performed by one of a number of restorers we refer your request to. For the restoration work you contract directly with the restorer. Please refer to the restorer for terms and conditions before commencement of work.

Example pictures of restoration work on this site are from restorers that we use or have used in the past but by virtue of the fact that we use more than one restorer they are not necessarily done by the restorer who will be handling your restoration work. Different levels of restoration are available from museum grade restoration for valuable items to a premium service for items of sentimental value.

Ceramic Repair Work:
Royal Doulton Figurine Repair
Royal Worcester China Repair
China Doll Repair
French Clock Repair
Lladro Repair
Beswick Horse Repair
Wedgwood Pottery Repair
Capo-di-Monte Repair
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Ceramic Repair Services
Repair service for all types of pottery including ceramic, china, earthenware, porcelain, terracotta etc.
Individual repair undertaken as well as museum and insurance work
Depending on restorer, packaging supplied for safe and easy transit